I have this bag.

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The bag, it crumbles.

So, I have this bag. It’s the Lomography Sidekick TPE Bag. It’s made of ThermoPlasic Elastomer, the TPE in Sidekick TPE Bag. It was great. I wish I could say it is great. But, I can’t. After about a year of ownership it started to disintegrate. The outer rubberized surface cracked and peeled. I had the urge to massage petroleum jelly into it but I knew that wouldn’t help it’s black dandruff problem.

It’s actually two bags in one. The larger, rear bag is a narrow width, vertically oriented messenger type. It can easily hold a Macbook Air, but a Macbook Pro 17″ would overfill it’s capacity. The smaller, two flapped parasite tote, straps to it’s larger sibling to provide storage for two small cameras and several rolls of film. The shoulder strap can be connected to the large or small bag through the use of clips. For example, if you just want to carry your point and shoot camera along with an apple and juice box to the beach, you can detach the smaller parasite and clip the shoulder strap to it so it becomes a clunky purse or an un-fanny pack that I would actually be caught dead with.

Overall, I miss using this bag. It’s sitting at the top of a storage closet molting its rubber skin.

Lomography makes a leather version. I’m tempted.