The future is made of light. Or kittens. No, the Internet is made of kittens. Maybe the future is made of chili. Mmmm, chili.

Minimal Folio – finally

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I just purchased this app for the iPad after watching the video posted to Vimeo.

It’s almost exactly what I want in a portfolio. First, it’s on the iPad so I’ll always have it with me. Second, it has minimal interface and flashiness, letting the work speak for itself.

If I love it, I’ll post a more in depth review. If I end up not using it, I’ll probably forget I have it.

Minimal Folio from Simon Heys on Vimeo.

Light painting with the iPad

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“…what might a magical version of the future of media look like?”

This is really beautiful.  Using the iPad, Dentsu London and BERG design consultancy created long exposure three dimensional light paintings. They didn’t stop at creating just a few stills, they made an entire stop-motion video.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

They have also put together a digital print-on-demand book with selected images from the video production. I love the future.  Now where’s my jetpack?

Dentsu London : Making Future Magic

BERG : Making Future Magic

I am serious.

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Why don’t designers / artists / photographers attempt to look pleasant in self-promotion photographs?  It’s seems being happy about your work is the exception, not the rule.

Here’s one. See? That wasn’t so hard.

A pamphlet of my former self.

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I received my Communication Arts magazine in the mail today.  It continues to shrink. The September/October Design Annual 51 barely breaks 200 pages.  Ten years ago this would have been a ‘plain ol’ monthly issue.


Flipping through I see that the Design Annual section begins at page 71 and continues to page 204. A whopping 133 pages. There seemingly have been Design Annuals that have had twice the content. The issue begins with Patrick Coyne’s Editor’s Column “Despite a significant drop in entries to this year’s Design Annual, the Jurors found hopeful signs of quality work among the 4,564 submissions.” It seems as if he is implying that quality work has dropped because of a lack of submissions.  I believe young designers see a decreasing need to have their work featured in print magazines.  The Internet is killing print.  Does CA have a plan? Where is the Communication Arts iPad subscription?